Dr Peter Wong
  • MB BS (London)
  • MRCP (UK)
  • MD (Lond)
  • FRCP (Lond)
Languages Spoken:
English, Chinese

Service location: Central 

Dr Wong is a cardiologist have an interest in cardiovascular and holistic medicine in patients with long-term multisystem diseases.

Dr Wong had an exposure to different medical specialties in his earlier training years – diabetes mellitus & endocrinology, gastroenterology, nutrition, rheumatology, dermatology, haematology, oncology, radiotherapy, and also general medicine. Such exposure in different areas sculpted his treatment philosophy: treatment of the whole person, taking into account of multisystem diseases and mental and social factors, rather than just cardiovascular diseases.

Dr Wong’s main interests are in performing and interpreting cardiac imaging tests, particularly echocardiogram and cardiac computed tomography, and interpreting the results specific to the patient’s circumstances, as an accurate specialist assessment is the cornerstone for appropriate and successful treatment. Moreover, he performs cardiac catheterisation for investigation of coronary artery disease, cardiac pressures and thoracic aorta; percutaneous coronary intervention for treatment of symptomatic angina and acute coronary syndromes; pacemaker implantation for treatment of heart block and slow heart beats; and cardioverter defibrillator for treatment of dangerous heart rhythms.

Dr Wong was appointed as a consultant cardiologist and physician at Aintree University Hospital in 2001, a teaching hospital of the University of Liverpool, and also affiliated with Liverpool John Moores University & Edge Hill University, dealing with a wide spectrum of cardiovascular and other medical diseases. He has accumulated experiences in both Cardiac Care Unit and Intensive Care Unit in managing difficult cases involving different body organs.

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