Central Clinic

Who We Are?

Marina Medical (Central clinic) is a private outpatient clinic providing GP (General practice), family medicine and other specialist services, located at Club Lusitano Ice House Street in Central. Aside from general and specialist consultations, we also offer a range of vaccinations, health screening, travel medicine and medical aesthetics services. Apart from English and Chinese, we also have doctor who can speak fluent French and Dutch.

What services we provide?

Marina Medical (Central clinic), Hong Kong, is committed to providing the following services to our patients:


Vaccination is not just for a certain age group. A range of vaccinations is available for newborns to adults, as well as a frequent traveller and specific location vaccination programme.


Health Screening

Our Central clinic offers a range of health screening programmes as below:

Standard Health Screening Plan

Standard PLUS Health Screening Plan

Comprehensive Health Screening Plan

Pre-Marital Health Screening

Domestic Helper Health Screening Plan

Travel Health Screening Plan


Multi-disciplinary Specialists Services

Marina Medical (Central clinic) is complemented by additional in-house specialty services including family medicine, cardiology, clinical oncology , orthopaedics and Traumatology and as well as general surgery.

Our goal is about formulating a tailored care plan for the patient, ranging from screening services and diagnostic plans to medical therapies and surgical treatment.


Aviation Medicine

Marina Medical (Central clinic) also provides physical examination service by an approved Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) for your initial application and renewal of pilot license. Learn more our Aviation Medicine services.


Medical Aesthetics

With advanced aesthetics technology and a professional medical team, Marina Medical (Central clinic) are committed to help our clients achieve healthy and beautiful skin. We offer personalised medical aesthetics treatment plans and solutions to cater for each client’s individual needs. As we strive to offer personalized attention to each individual, we encourage you to contact us and schedule your consultation at your earliest convenience to ensure you secure a time that works best for you.


Where are we?

Marina Medical (Central clinic) locates on the 7th floor, Club Lusitano,  16 Ice House Street, Central. Patents can reach our clinic via the entrances of Ice House Street or Dudell Street



For further enquiries or appointment booking, please contact us at +852 3420 6622 , whatsapp +852 5228 0810 or email

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