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Marina Medical is a private outpatient clinic providing primary and specialty care services, located in Central. Aside from general and specialists consultations, we also offer a range of vaccinations, health screening and travel medicine services. 

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Primary Care Consultation

Our primary care doctors offers a comprehensive range of outpatient health and wellness services, covering the needs of our patients at different stage of their lives.

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In order to serve our patients at this difficult time, Marina Medical has launched an online consultation channel for our patients. You can now enjoy a consultation with our physician via video call from your comfort and security of your home or mobile without the hassle to travel.

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Specialists Service

We provide multi-disciplinary specialists services, including cardiology, clinical oncology, general surgery, orthopaedics and traumatology. We will formulate a tailored care plan to safeguard your health.

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There are numerous infective agents surrounding us every day, some of which are dangerous, or even deadly. Having vaccination can help us develop our immunity and protect us against certain diseases.

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Health Screening

With a mission to advocate a healthy lifestyle in the community, here are health screening programme which provide preventive healthcare to people of all ages.

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Travel Medicine

Travelling has always been joyful to most people, nevertheless, we cannot underestimate the potential health risks we are posed to. Discuss with our doctors about your trip and we can advise on the appropriate vaccinations/medicine. 

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In primary care, cryotherapy is usually only used to treat benign conditions, because there may be difficulties in accurately diagnosing, ensuring adequate treatment, and following-up the pre-malignant or malignant skin diseases.


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