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Collagen is the main component of animal skin and connective tissue. Foods that contain collagen include: pig skin, pig ears, pig trotters, beef tendon, chicken skin, fish skin and more. However, these foods mostly contain high calories, and excessive intake can easily lead to physical discomfort, such as indigestion. 


In addition, if the above food is not processed, the molecular structure of collagen is relatively large, and the absorption rate of the human body is low. Currently, there is no research showing that eating pig's trotters or chicken feet can help synthesise collagen, so it is difficult to take collagen from the daily diet. Therefore, there are many collagen products on the market that have been decomposed to convert large molecules into small molecules. If there is a need for supplementation, it is recommended to choose small molecule collagen after undergoing enzyme treatment.


Many people mistakenly think that foods such as black fungus and okra are rich in collagen because they are sticky and slimy. In fact, plant-based ingredients do not contain collagen, and their sticky properties are soluble fibre.


Collagen is an important protein in the human body. It exists widely in the human body and plays the role of connection and support. Among them, the highest proportion is in our skin, which is why the most well-known knowledge is that eating collagen will make you look more beautiful. 


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