Aviation Medical

Aviation Medical Examination for Civil Aviation Department Hong Kong (HKCAD)

(Revised 6th June 2022)


What do I need to do before the Aviation Medical Examination? 

Please call 3420 6622 or email info@marinamedical.hk to make an appointment with us in advance. To facilitate the appointment for the Aviation Medical Examination making process, please let us know:

  • The class of aviation medical licence you are applying for
  • Is there any special examination or medical requirement this year (e.g. ECG, Audiogram and etc)
Make an appointment, what’s next?
Make an appointment, what’s next?

Once your appointment is confirmed, please prepare the followings before coming in for the examination

  • Filling in the DCA 153 E-form paragraph 1-20, prepare a soft copy for us. A hardcopy of this will be signed on the examination day. 

DCA 153 formhttps://www.cad.gov.hk/application/DCA153.pdf

  • Ophthalmology examination report, if needed

DCA 153 form (Ophthalmology) https://www.cad.gov.hk/application/DCA153(Oph).pdf

  • Prescription of your glasses/ contact lens from the ophthalmologist or optometrist, if any
  • Medical reports, if any
What do I need to bring on the examination day?
What do I need to bring on the examination day?

On the exam day, please bring along the followings: 

  • Hong Kong Identity Card or Passport
  • Hong Kong Aviation Medical Certificate
  • Name and dosage of all current medication and supplement
  • You will be asked in detail of all your medical history during examination, please be prepared

For more detail regarding HKCAD Aeromedical Matters please refer to:https://www.cad.gov.hk/english/aeromedical.html

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For any enquiry, please call +852 3420 6622, Whatsapp +852 5228 0810, or info@marinamedical.hk

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