Jul 06, 2023
Media interview: Dr Jason Brockwell, our orthopaedic surgeon, talked about BHR with patient sharings at the Matilda Hospital

Our orthopaedic surgeon Dr Jason Brockwell talked about Birmingham Replacement Sugery in a media interview with patients sharing. The interview is published on different media including Sky PostOriental Daily NewsAM730Line TodayYahoo News (only the Chinese version is available).

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Press Release

20 Years Anniversary of Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) in Hong Kong

484 People Received Surgery: "I Am Able to Play Extreme Sport with my Replacement after Recovery"

(6th July 2023, Hong Kong) - Every year, about a thousand individuals in Hong Kong have their hips replaced, primarily caused by avascular necrosis (AVN) or osteoarthritis. Both the Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR) and conventional total hip replacement (THR) surgeries, provide patients with the ability to lead a normal life. The majority of BHR and THR patients experience freedom from pain, are able to engage in exercise and sports, and can expect their hip replacement to last a lifetime. However, BHR has shown higher successful rates among active young men.

Hip Joint Surgery “Designated” for Active Young Men

BHR as the best-performing surgery for active young men, which is an alternative to THR, was developed by Dr Derek McMinn and introduced in 1996. It aims to address the limitations of THR, which is less successful in active young men due to the increased load placed on the prosthetic hip joint, BHR has proven to be successful in this regard. For men up to 55 years old with osteoarthritis, BHR is the most effective hip replacement option in terms of functionality (allowing them to return to impact sports and completely unrestricted activity) and longevity - most are working well even after 25 years and expected to last indefinitely. A prominent example is tennis player Andy Murray, who underwent BHR surgery and has successfully made a comeback to top-level tennis. His experience is not uncommon, as the majority of BHR patients are very active individuals who are able to resume sports at a similar or even higher level than before their operation.

BHR - 484 Cases in 20 Years with More Than 97% Well-functioning in the Past 100 Cases

BHR was firstly introduced to Hong Kong in 2003. The first local case was performed at Matilda International Hospital (MIH) on 27 May 2003 by orthopaedic surgeon Dr Jason Brockwell. Over the last 20 years, Dr Brockwell has performed 484 BHRs at MIH. Patients might come to Hong Kong from overseas for BHR as it is not widely available in Asia, including mainland China. Out of the last 100 cases, 97 have well-functioning BHRs and 3 had to be converted to THRs because of loose acetabular cups – two during the original hospital admission and one after one year. Most patients are highly active playing various sports, including extreme sports, such as rock climbing, martial arts and heli-skiing. Jim Robinson, one of the first batch patients who received BHR in 2003, is a passionate ice hockey enthusiast. He was only 49 when he had his surgery, and he is now 68. “My BHR gave me back my sporting mojo, and a new lease on pain-free life. My BHR is still going strong 20 years later.” Stanley Chan was only 38 when he had his surgery in 2014. He is a badminton lover and keen hiker. “Before the BHR, I had problems even with simple jogging. After the surgery and recovery, I could play badminton and go hiking again. Nine years later, my joints are still problem-free. I am satisfied with the outcome of the surgery.”

Hip Surgery - The Last Resort to Get Rid of Hip Pains

In men, most hip arthritis cases result from sports activities, particularly those involving frequent kicking and lunging, such as squash, football, or martial arts. Hip arthritis in young women is often linked to a condition called 'dysplasia,' where the hips did not form properly. In older women, a combination of factors such as dysplasia, primary osteoarthritis (the cause of which is still uncertain), and sports-related issues can contribute to hip problems. However, there are a lot of ways helping people to maintain good hip health and reduce hip pains instead of hip surgery, hip surgery is always the last resort. Dr Jason Brockwell has made some suggestions to the public as follows:

  • Maintain Healthy Lifestyle and Dietary - One should avoid the use of steroids in drugs, including TCM, as they can potentially cause Avascular Necrosis. Additionally, regular stretching exercises are good to hip.
  • Proper Maintenance of the joint - For individuals concerned about joint health, considering the use of Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements is recommended. They are the only supplements with scientific evidence supporting their effectiveness on helping joints. 


Deciding on Hip surgery

The presence of persistent pain and disability are crucial factors to consider whether to receive surgeries or not, if the pain becomes severe and starts hindering daily activities such as exercise or work, it may be an indication that a hip operation is required. Prior to undergoing surgery, it is recommended to wearing soft shoes and engaging in regular stretching exercises. Additionally, taking Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements, avoiding sports involving frequent kicking and lunging, and using safe painkillers such as paracetamol or anti-inflammatories can also help.

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