Winter illness: Flu

In winter, it's common to hear, "It's cold out there. Put on extra layers. Don't catch a cold!" What is the relationship between cold weather and illness? Cold weather does not directly make people sick, but other reasons cause it: 

  1. Indoor and crowded places are prone to infection: Due to the cold weather, people tend to gather indoors. If indoor air circulation is not ideal, coupled with group gatherings, the source of the virus is more likely to spread.
  2. Viruses are more potent when the weather is cold: Vitamin D in sunlight helps bodies immune against viruses. However, in winter, there is less sunlight, and people tend to spend more time indoors, so it is hard to gain vitamin D from sunlight. When the body's immunity weakens, viruses will become more vital to your body.
  3. The low relative humidity of weather affects the function of the nasal mucosa to resist pathogens in the inhaled air: The nasal mucosa helps the body fight against invading pathogens, while low temperature causes the humidity to drop, affecting the nasal mucosa to perform its functions.


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Layering tips that keep you warm
Layering tips that keep you warm


  • Good for places without indoor heating like Hong Kong
  • Wear fit thermal underwear first, then wear a shirt and a sweater or coa
  • Those afraid of the cold can also choose underwear with higher thermal performance and wear a jacket or coat that can cover the hips, which can be taken off when it is stuffy.
  • Women afraid of the cold can wear tights or leggings, with boots and a scarf on
  • Except for the elderly who are particularly afraid of the cold, it is not recommended to wear thermal tights, because it is difficult for them to take off when you feel hot indoors
  • When exercising outdoors, individuals may wear underwear with low thermal insulation performance, with a windproof or thermal jacket such like down


  • Good for severe cold areas with indoor heating, such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, etc.
  • Since it is cold outside, but there is heating indoor, it may be too hot to wear thermal underwear. Do not wear too many or thick clothes for the inner layer; for the outer layer, wear a long coat with thermal solid insulation performance (such as down), which can cover knees and wraps the whole body as thick as corn skin.
  • Wear a knitted hat, scarf, gloves or electronic hand warmers for outdoor activities, and waterproof gloves for skiing
  • May wear warm leggings under trousers; for snowing or skiing, may select thermal trousers with a windproof outer layer and fleece inner layer
  • The coldness will spread from the ground to your feet, so keep your feet warm. Wear non-slip and thick-soled shoes or shoes with fur inside.
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