Protect your heart in Autumn and Winter

In autumn and winter, when the temperature drops sharply, hidden heart problems are particularly prone to erupt. During autumn and winter, cases of sudden death caused by myocardial infarction are more common. The public should be careful to prevent heart attacks. As the temperature drops, the peripheral blood vessels constrict, and blood pressure may rise sharply, triggering the acute cardiovascular disease, and in severe cases, sudden death.



  1. Get up in the morning

Getting up early in the morning is a high-risk time for a heart attack. Heart attack most likely happens between 6 to 9 in the morning, because the blood pressure of the human body is low when getting up. If you stand up quickly from lying down, your body muscles and brain will not have enough blood, or you will be dizzy and fall. High-risk individuals, such as the elderly and patients with chronic illness, are advised to use the trilogy to get out of bed in the morning:

    1. After waking up, lie down for five to ten seconds before sitting up
    2. After sitting up, be sure to get out of bed
    3. Stand-up and then start walking after a certain period, allowing your body to adapt slowly
  1. Warm up before exercising

Warm up before exercising in cold weather to avoid rapid changes in blood pressure and trigger heart disease. It is recommended that the elderly do callisthenics to stretch their hands and feet before walking slowly, and then slowly increase the pace.

  1. Watch for symptoms

If you feel chest tightness while walking, sweat for no reason, or experience shortness of breath, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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