Suspect myself of having Covid-19, what should I do?

Omicron is a highly infectious disease. A recent review in the Lancet suggests that up to 90% of these cases will have no symptoms1. For most of the cases, especially the vaccinated, it will be somewhere between a mild cold and serious flu. 



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Having sore throat and fever, did I get Covid-19?
Having sore throat and fever, did I get Covid-19?

Individuals having Covid-19 may not experience any symptoms. However, the typical symptoms of earlier variants were cough, fever and/or change in the sensation of taste.

For Omicron, common symptoms are as follow:

  • runny nose 
  • headache 
  • fatigue (either mild or severe) 
  • sneezing
  • sore throat 

Omicron is relatively mild compared to other variants, and with the commonly experienced symptoms, it may be mistaken as a common cold. Individuals experiencing any symptoms are recommended to have a Covid-19 test and see if tested positive.

Suspect myself of having Covid-19, what to do now?
Suspect myself of having Covid-19, what to do now?

If you suspect yourself having Covid-19, please stay calm. Individuals having any symptoms or being in close contact with the confirmed case shall be tested. There are different testing options available in the market. Please click here to learn more. 

Compulsory testing: Individuals who are obligated to take the test must go to a designated community centre to perform the PCR test. 

Non-compulsory testing: The community centre also provides testing for non-compulsory individuals. You may also get a rapid test kit from the government or purchase from the existing market by yourself. The government may deliver free rapid test kits to the citizen soon, please stay tuned to the government news. 

How can patients with mild symptoms seek help?
How can patients with mild symptoms seek help?

The Hospital Authority has activated nine designated clinics to provide diagnosis and treatment for the people with mild symptoms of infection, such as fever, cough or sore throat, after being notified by the Department of Health of their positive results and while awaiting hospital admission. Patients may make an appointment for the service, please click here for clinic details.

In addition, the hotline 1836 115 is available and operates daily from 8am to 10pm seven days a week to answer enquiries on medical information and provide infection control advice for people pending admission to isolation facilities upon confirmed infection.

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