Online consultation service is now available

In order to serve our patients at this difficult time, Marina Medical has launched an online consultation channel for our existing and new patients. You can now enjoy a consultation with our physician via video call from your comfort and security of your home or mobile without the hassle to travel.

The service is now available from 9am to 6:30pm 

Please click here to contact us for an arrangement.

Do NOTE: The teleconsultation is not designed to replace the standard face-to-face consultaton, This teleconsultation service is being set up to provide extra support during the outbreak of the COVID-19.

Book an appointment
Book an appointment

For booking an online standard consultation,  please click the below link:

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For arrangement of a online COVID-19 testing, please click the following link to register:

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How does online consultation work?
How does online consultation work?



1. Enquiry: Visit our contact page or contact us at +852 3420 6622 

Provide the following informaiton:

1. HKID number
2. email address
3. contact number and
4. residential address for medication delivery (if applicable)

Pre Assessment
2. Assessment: Our designated doctors review the cases individually and decide whether your condition is suitable for an online video consultation. We may contact you to discuss further
payment and scheduling
3. Payment and Scheduling: Once our doctors consider you to be suitable for the online consultation, we will be in touch to schedule the consultation, to inform you about the payment arrangement and the necessary steps to get connected online.
Once the payment is confirmed, booking will then be secured. You'll receive a confirmaiton email with a Zoom link and user manual.
Pre Assessment
4. Consultation: Click the link in the email at least 5 minutes before the scheduled consultation time.
The doctor might need you to show your identification proof on the screen once again to proptect the patients' privacy. 
The entire consultation will last around up to 15 minutes with the doctor.
extra medication and charges
5. Extra Medicaiton/Charges: If there is a need for extra charges, you will need to pay them by the Faster Payment System (FPS) after consultation. Our nurses will get in touch with you about the arrangement.
6a. Collection of Medication: You can choose to pick up medication/certificates at our clinic or deliver via courier.
6b. Delivery (if applicable)
If the delivery of medication is preferred, you will be requested to sign an authorization letter digitally.You will receive delivery by courier including:
1. Medication
2. sick leave certificate
3. referral letter

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For any enquiry, please call +852 3420 6622, Whatsapp +852 5228 0810, or

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