Eat Less, Stay Young

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Everyone wants to stay young and slow down the time when our body gets old. The latest research found that following a diet plan to reduce daily calorie intake can slow the ageing rate by 2-3% after two years and keep the Epigenome in a younger state, equivalent to reducing the risk of death by up to 15%. 


Diet Plan to Reduce Calorie Intake

An American research team had invited 200 healthy adults to participate in the study, and 150 participated in the newly developed diet evaluation system to reduce calorie intake by 25% for two years. The rest of the subjects served as controls, and their eating habits remained unchanged. In the end, 117 people completed the diet plan, and 68 people in the control group stayed until the end of the study.


The diet plans adopted in this study are all tailored and designed by nutritionists according to the needs of each individual. While reducing calories, it is ensured that participants can get enough nutrition without causing safety risks to the body.


Finally, the researchers looked at participants' ageing based on levels of three biomarkers in the blood that reflect cellular methylation: PhenoAge, GrimAge, and DunedinPACE. It was found that reducing caloric intake reduced one of the biomarkers, DunedInPACE. DunedinPACE (stands for Pace of Aging Computed from the Epigenome) is a new addition to a fast-growing list of DNA methylation tests designed to measure ageing and contributes value-added over and above the current state of the art. The research results have been published in "Nature Aging".


Longer Fasting Period

The researchers note that a 2-3% reduction in genetic ageing equates to a 10-15% reduction in the risk of death, with the same health impact as quitting smoking. The results provide evidence that reducing calories can slow ageing, but it may take a longer dieting period to show the anti-ageing effects of eating less.


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