Jun 02, 2022
Tsimshatsui clinic (Orthopaedic Centre) relocation notice

Thank you for your support over the past years. Our company's Tsimshatsui location (Orthopaedic Centre) will be closing as of Friday, June 10th (Friday).  As we hope to consolidate our services, all equipment and personnel at the Tsimshatsui location will be transited to Central Clinic on Monday, Jun 13th. A new satellite centre with physiotherapist will be on the way later this year, please stay tuned.  

We will be doing our best to assist you during this transition period or how it might affect you. Please get in touch with our Customer Service Team via Whatsapp, call +852 3420 6622 or email info@marinamedical.hk. We appreciate your patience and attention on this matter.

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