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Travel Medicine

Marina Medical apart from General medical consultation also provide travel medicine services. Our service on travel medicine includes the below:

Travel Vaccination

Discuss with our doctors about your trip (full itinerary to submit a few days before consultation) and we can advise on the appropriate vaccinations/medicine. It is advised to seek doctor's advice on vaccine recommendation at least four weeks before departure to complete the vaccinations and for effectiveness to develop. You can find the details of travel vaccination here.


Pre-travel Consultation

Travelling has always been joyful to most people, nevertheless, we cannot underestimate the potential health risks we are posed to especially visiting developing countries. Our doctors will discuss with you about the potential hazards of the trip and their precautions, e.g. mountain sickness, motion sickness, sunburn, and heat- or cold-related illnesses.





Post-Travel Medical Care

Travel related medical issues are not uncommon, and occurrence rate is roughly 20 - 60% for those who travelled to developing countries. Travellers are advised to seek medical attention if they experience illness in the weeks after returning home or received treatment for malaria while travelling. Those who are may have been exposed to a serious infectious disease during their travel or have spent more than 3 months in a developing country should also consider to have a medical examination.





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