Post-Covid Treatment

What are post-Covid treatment?

For those afflicted by Covid, many will feel unwell for some time after. This feeling may be due to the flurry of immune activity that your body musters to fight the virus, but may also be due to:

- Exacerbation of underlying condition

- Not moving around during quarantine/hospital and muscles weakened

- Lack of natural sunlight

- Psychological stress, exhaustion

- Loneliness

In some cases, the Covid may leave a footprint on the body, such as chronic activation of your immune system, scarring on certain parts of the body, altering your hormones and stores of infection fighting fuels; and many more we just don't know.


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Planning a Recovery
Planning a Recovery
  • Take things slow; do not be in a rush to return to work, exercise or socializing.
  • Expect to feel down, anxious or moody; you have experienced a traumatic event and need time to recover. For those who think things are getting 'too much', you must see a professional and get help early via your doctor or psychologist.
  • See your doctor or practitioner to optimise your health; your body will not recover vigorously if you have untreated issues.
  • Get plenty of direct sunlight, tree exposure to calm mood and activate a healthy sleep rhythm and encourage mindfulness.
  • Eat high-quality nutritious foods; spinach is a good source of Zinc; green vegetables have multiple vitamins and trace minerals. Bone broths are a good source of nutrition. Processed food and alcohol are a burden on your liver, gut and the good bacteria which look after us. When distressed, eat clean.
  • Sleep: our bodies are designed to sleep with the sun. Turn your phones and screens off and stop working to avoid stimulation interrupting the sleep cadence. Melatonin can be used. Get up with the sun and stretch; this helps regulate the melatonin/cortisol cycle.
  • Fix vitamin deficiencies: the common ones that relate to immune function include vitamin C (300-500mg 3-5 times per day), Zinc (15mg twice per day), Vitamin D (2000 IU per day or 5000 if deficient or not tested),
  • Consider a probiotic; you cannot recover with a vulnerable gut

In summary, look after yourselves and look after each other. Do not do this alone and seek help and support from friends if you need it. Take it day by day and focus on what you can achieve.

Finally, look after each other and yourselves and give the support you need for your body and mind.

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