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Food additives are found in all processed foods these days and a good percentage of our foods are now processed. (The food additive industry is a multi billion dollar industry).


The Federal Drugs Administration (FDA) explains food additives in great detail. The descriptions are useful and show how much food additives have become part of 21st Century living.

See Food Additives and Ingredients:

The FDA website claims that in general they are safe and do not make children hyperactive.

However there are some contrary opinions.

Some food additives do seem to be able to make some, if not all children hyperactive.

Take calcium propionate (282) an anti fungal is used in bread to prevent spoiling from moulds.

A study in the Journal of Paediatric Health in 2002 reported that this food preservative might induce irritability, restlessness, inattention and food disturbances in some children, particularly when ingested on a regular basis. These changes appeared to be reversible when the 282 food additive was removed from the diet of these children.

Food additives are usually given a unique number which is usually the same throughout the world.

In Europe an ‘E‘ is added - E282.

Food additives that we should avoid
Food additives that we should avoid
  1. E102, E104, E110, E122, E124, E129, E142. And many more are colouring agents.
  2. Artificial preservatives
    • Benzoate : E210 / E211/ E213 (drinks, processed foods)
    • Sulphites: E220 to E288 (sausages, soft drink and certain white wines)
    • Nitrates: E249 - E252 (processed meat, ham and bacon)
    • AVOID: 951 Aspartame (sweetener)

The numbers are in hundreds, if not thousands.

Be aware that certain children can be more susceptible. If therefore a child is exhibiting bad behaviour, then check the foods that they are eating for these numbers but be aware that sometimes the numbers are not detailed, instead a general term ‘colouring added’ may disguise a not too desirable food additive. Unfortunately some liquid medicine for children
also contain problematical food additives (that is problematical for some children).

Check numbers against Google - food additive E951 or simple 951 (Aspartame).

Some food additives are safe: riboflavin (101) and turmeric (100) both natural colouring

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