COVID-19 important data and timeline

COVID-19 Timeline and important data

As COVID-19 continues to spread in Hong Kong, and globally, information about this new disease evolves at a rapid pace. It is important to understand the origin and the current situation in HK and worldwide.  We have compiled a historical record of this evolving process for our patients. We have loaded all our previous communications such that they can be assessed in context.  The Graph data is pulled from the  It is noticeable some of the information might not be up to date.  If you wish to know about the latest update on COVID related matters, please visit


Hong Kong - Cumulative confirmed COVID-19 case Data

Hong Kong - Cumulative confirmed COVID-19 death Data

The important milestone of COVID-19新冠肺炎時間軸)/YYE1woLgU0r6FQHnZVjt

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