Inflammatory Food (只提供英文版本)

Inflammation is a key factor behind many diseases and poor function in the human body. Certain foods cause inflammation and certain foods decrease inflammation.


Food to avoid
Food to avoid

• Wheat and gluten – Bread/ Cookies/ Cereals (Oatmeal is okay)
• Dairy products – Milk, cheese and ice cream
• Oils – Sunflower, safflower, corn and peanut oil
• Fried food
• Noodles and pasta
• Jams
• Pizza
• High sugar foods

Food to include in diet
Food to include in diet

Increase the following foods:

• Vegetables
• Fruits
• Herbs and spices
• Olive or avocado oil
• Green tea
• Fish
• Nuts and seeds
• Omega 3 oils

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