Gluten Free Diet (只提供英文版本)

Gluten is a protein found in wheat.

- Removal of Gluten / Wheat, from your diet can have many great health benefits.
- Cutting out Gluten will reduce body inflammation. 
- Inflammation, is the main cause behind many bodily diseases (Including Heart Disease)
- Bodily function is impaired in an inflamed body, (contributor in obesity).
- A lot of interesting and tasty food is naturally Gluten free.

The following food groups are all gluten free:

  • Meat and poultry
  • Fish and seafood
  • Vegetables and Fruits
  • Beans and Nuts
  • Legumes (lentils, chickpeas and soybeans)
  • Rice (Non inflammatory but can be high sugar – brown rice is best)
  • Corn (Maize) and Millet and Buckwheat
  • Flax and Chia seeds
  • Oats do not contain gluten: The oats protein is Avenin which usually does not cause a gluten type problem
  • Wines (high in calories): Most wines are gluten free (Beer is not gluten free)
  • Spirits (high in calories): Rum, Tequila and Vodka are gluten free, but not whisky

Dairy: Dairy is gluten free but can cause inflammation for other reasons.

  • Stick to cheese, yoghurt and ice cream occasionally (no milk drinks).
  • Butter is allowable

Be very careful of packaged Gluten free foods some of them do contain gluten in other forms (malt flavouring or malt extract) and also have
additives to make them tasty.

Be careful of any packaged foods.

Keep gluten free menus simple – Eating from the list above is best.

Food additives (只提供英文版本)